Monday, May 9, 2011


This last week has been totally
crazy! The week before last, my family and I were
at Regional Conference in Big Sandy. It
was awesome! I had the opportunity to 
serve on the core staff for
a program that lasted for the week, which
included girls ages 8-12. It was
a new experience for
me, but it was a lot of fun!

So, we got home on Saturday (not this one,
but the one before last), and then on Sunday my little sister Hannah
woke up with bad asthma. To make a long story short,
she ended up in ICU for like four days
and the regular floor for two. So, I was "mom" for the week. :)
That's okay. Seriously, I enjoyed the challenge!
I also had some bonding time with some of my siblings.
(Mom, I know you're reading
this. I enjoy it once in a while.) ;)
Actually, I'd already been "mom" for two weekends
this year! 

Soooo, to end a not-so-good
week better, Hannah and Mom came home on Friday. (Yippee!!!)
Then, we had a big Mother's Day day
for Mom. All that to say, I haven't had much time
to take pictures!

But, I did find time to do a
quick portrait for my brother who needed a journey pic.
That's right! He's going to Journey!!! And it
looks like I may going up to Chicago
with him! I may get to work on staff for the
summer and early fall!

So, here's Kenaniah, or Kiah for short.

Kiah's a lot of fun! He loves to 
laugh and make others laugh! (He is a great
Don Knotts impersonator!)

You're probably a little curious about the name.
Kenaniah in the Bible was a high priest. When David was carrying
the Arch of the Covenant back to Jerusalem,
Kenaniah (Chenaniah in Hebrew)
was chosen to lead the group of musicians and singers.
I think that must have been a really
cool role! But the name Kenaniah means
"God has established". Isn't that so 
fitting for his role in the Bible!? I can't wait to see how 
God's going to use Kiah!

~Bethany Truth


  1. Wow. I can really imagine him as Din Knotts. That is very "him". Is Josh back yet?

  2. No, Josh may not be back until October. :( You want me to say hi to him for you???