Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Street Musician

"A painter paints pictures on a canvas.
But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
~Leopold Stokowski

I took this picture in Downtown Dallas
almost a year ago. I'll never forget going up to this really nice
man. I was wandering around the West End with some friends looking for good pictures. 
Then, I heard the music and took off! When I got to the man, he was putting
his saxophone up. I offered him some money to re-assemble it
and play for us. 

As he was pulling it out, something fell down into the instrument!
We stood there for quite a while as he dug around in it, trying to get out whatever
had fallen in. We were nearing the end of the allotted 
time for our shoot, so I asked the man 
to go ahead and pose for the picture. The poor man. I think 
he was a little embarrassed. 

So, I'll let you in on a secret: he's not playing in this picture. 
He's just posing. :) But don't tell anybody!!! ;)

Every time I come into contact with someone
on the street like that, I can't help but wonder about their stories.
This sweet man is probably a grandfather. He may have
been a business man. Maybe he has 
traveled the world!

I will let you in on a dream of mine. I would love to visit people like this man
and listen to their stories and take pictures of them, and then
post them here. What do you think?
Is that something that would interest you?

This weekend, I'm heading to Chicago!!!
I will probably be there until
Christmas. So, I'm hoping to get some pictures of
the big city!

~Bethany Truth

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wet Fun (Root Beer Included) :)

Thursday was my little sister's birthday.
To celebrate, we had cake in the morning (a family tradition), 
we had a tea party and lunch on the dock with a cousin, then in the afternoon/evening
we went to the pool.

So, here are just a few
pictures from the pool.

The birthday girl. . . . .

Totally random, I know. But y'all
know how much I like randomness, and ROOT BEER!

Others enjoying the pool. . . . .

Y'all are probably wondering why
I haven't posted any "real" shoots lately, why it's all been personal. Well, it's kind of a long story. 
You see, I was starting to get shoots rolling for the spring/summer season, then I decided 
to go to Chicago for the summer,
so I told everybody that I was leaving within the next week or two.

Wellllllll, that was a few months ago.
For some reason, I haven't gotten up there yet!

All that to say, if you haven't 
contacted me about doing your pictures
because you thought that I was in Chicago,
I do have some weekends available!

So, contact me 
so that we can get a shoot set up!

~Bethany Truth

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New "Portraits" Page!

Hey y'all, check out my new
"Portraits" page right above! And, keep an eye
out for a blog post coming soon!

~Bethany Truth

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dates With God | Personal

Isaiah 26:3 - You keep him in perfect
peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he
trusts in you.

It is very difficult for 
me to concentrate when I'm reading the Bible. Sometimes 
I find myself reading backwards. I'll read something that sticks out to me,
then I realize that I had been thinking about other
things the whole time. So, I read the verse before it, then the one
before that, and before I know it,
I'm reading the whole chapter
backwards! You know what I mean?

Or while I'm praying for someone, I remember that
that person's father got a new car. Then, I remember the guy telling
him that he needed to replace a part on the car, then I 
remember the van needs a car-wash.
Then I remember the dog playing in the water last time 
we washed the car, and oh!, speaking of, the dog needs its
heartworm medicine! And then
I look down at the Bible in my lap and
remember I'm praying!
Ever happen to you?

In that verse, it seems that
those three things work together - perfect peace, 
the mind resting in God (literally), 
and trusting in God. 
(This verse is very interesting to study, by the way.)

So, I did a self-evaluation, and it was
true that I was not completely
trusting God, I was not at perfect peace,
and I definitely could not
keep my mind on God for an extended
period of time! I was excited to find the reason for not
being able to focus, but humbled by the fact that I did not trust
God like I thought I did, and I was not as at peace
like I thought I was. (I realized this
when God sent a trial. You know, those 
trials that are more often reminders
to trust God than anything?)

I purposed to work
on trusting God, and I asked Him to give me
the grace to trust Him. He has been faithful in bringing about
peace, and He has given me extra
grace to keep my mind on Him during these
dates, and all day long.

I am learning the importance of
having these dates in the morning. It sets the day off right.
Not to mention, my mind is clearer and better 
able to concentrate early.

I challenge you, if you could relate to any
of this, to examine and ask yourself, "Am I fully trusting
God? Am I at perfect peace? Does my
mind stay on God?"

~Bethany Truth