Saturday, November 10, 2012

Samuel & Jarita's Wedding {Kinmen Island}

While I was still in Kinmen Island, Taiwan, I had the opportunity to shoot this fun, laid back wedding. This is Samuel and Jarita's story:

Samuel and Jarita knew each other before both of them separately decided that God was calling them to a tiny island in Asia. They both taught English as a second language in different schools for several years in Kinmen and they saw each other on a regular basis. They were just friends, at least that's what Jarita thought. She had no idea that Samuel even liked her. After Samuel contacted her father, Jarita learned about Samuel's feelings for her and realized that she liked him as well. A few months down the road and they were planning their weddings...two of them. Because their families were in the U.S., they decided to get married for real in America, but have a second wedding in Kinmen where they plan to spend their lives so that all of their Taiwanese friends and "family" could see what an American wedding was like.

This is their wedding in Kinmen~

Watching the video of them saying their 
vows at their wedding in America.

My favorite photo of the evening

~Bethany Truth

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lauren Grace {Portraits}

Some pictures from a portrait shoot with my beautiful sister Grace.

~Bethany Truth

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back in the U.S. of A.

Hey All,

I made it back from Taiwan almost two months ago now! If you're wanting to get some portraits done, the basic portrait package is $50. Feel free to contact me!

Just a collage from my visit to Chicago to see my brother!


~Bethany Truth

Jerry {Story}

Like usual, I finished Chinese class, hurried home, had lunch and jumped on the bus that would take me to the port. This was my normal, crazy Saturday routine. I had no idea what the day would hold for me, nor did I know at the end of the day that I had met a little boy that would change the way I saw people.

I took the short ferry from Big Kinmen Island to Small Kinmen and arrived at the church to find a couple of cute little kids waiting for my friend and I to arrive so that we could sing about God's love and hear a Bible story. I noticed this outgoing little boy with a cast on his arm who seemed to feel comfortable in the church which so many people in Small Kinmen would avoid. I got a chance to talk to him as we walked along. I couldn't understand half of what he said in Chinese, but I understood that he wanted to chat about anything. I tried to pipe in when I knew what he was talking about and other times I just pretended. He seemed to be an ordinary boy living an ordinary life, but I had no idea what his life was like.

As the weeks passed, Jerry (I cannot give his real name) faithfully came. Sometimes he would come hours early to wait for us or talk to the pastor. He was quite the naughty little guy. Sometimes I would have to chase him away from the church drums every five minutes. He was full of energy and was always talking.

On Easter, we painted eggs that had been hallowed out. We explained that this is the way that the tomb is. Jesus rose and conquered death and left an empty grave. (Taiwanese people are particularly afraid of death. They do not even like to mention it. They use a sign with their finger instead of saying the word.) Jerry was really interested and was unusually quiet as he listened. The next week, we were talking about how God calls his children sheep and how he is a loving shepherd to his children. Jerry, in a quiet voice, asked what makes someone one of God's sheep. My friend told him that if He believes in Jesus, then he is a sheep. Jerry said, "I believe." I was so happy! I thanked God for what he had done in Jerry's heart. He had never heard the Gospel before and within weeks, he believed that God was The God. I don't think that Jerry fully understands yet what surrendering his life to Christ means or what it might cost him, but I am so grateful that I heard him say, "我相信。" ("I believe.") I didn't realize how little time we had left with him. (Don't worry. He didn't die.)

One day, we heard that he was moving to the main island of Taiwan, to a busy city. When we went to Bible study that week, we found that he had already gone. After talking to his teacher and the pastor, we learned more. Apparently, his father was in the military, so he was not around, and his mother was insane. She was abusive. She wouldn't let him use water. Sometimes he only ate the lunches that his school provided. We also found out that he was years younger than we thought. Because of his home situation, he was forced to mature much faster than any nine-year-old should. Eventually, his father decided to send him to live with his uncle, and his mother he sent to the psychiatric hospital.

Before Jerry left, he went to the church to talk with the pastor. He stayed for hours. Jerry's main concern made me cry. He was worried that he would not be able to find a church in Taiwan where people would love him. This is what the church is all about! I PRAY that he found a church that showed Christ's love. If we just had more churches like this in America and Asia, how much faster would the Gospel spread and how much more respected would Christ be! How many children like Jerry would be rescued from a life of misery, living on the streets, trying to find happiness.  All that is required to change this is Believers loving the person that is in front of them, even if the person seems ordinary or seems to be doing okay. Everyone without Christ is hurting, and everyone with Christ is growing and is a brother or sister.

We tried to find Jerry, but haven't been able to locate him. I have to trust God. He is faithful. I believe that Jerry is His child and that He will take care of him.

If Jerry comes to your mind, please take a minute to pray for him. If you feel burdened to pray for him long-term, please do!

Love the person in front of you! It could change his/her life!

-Bethany Truth

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lydia {Portraits}

I had the awesome opportunity to meet a friend of a friend who came to visit Kinmen Island and to put on some concerts and show God's love. This friend of a friend quickly became a friend. This is Lydia. She's a singing evangelist and travels all over the world singing about His love and sharing the Gospel.

It all worked out so that I was able to do a photo shoot for her. That day was so much fun! Four girls piled into a little borrowed car with the AC turned all the way up and music playing. We drove until we saw a cool spot, then we all piled out and explored and took some pictures. Some of the places we stopped: a sunflower field, several beaches, and a rocky coastline that is just maybe a thousand feet from China's waters.

So, here are a few pictures from the day....

~Bethany Truth