Thursday, April 7, 2011

P2011 ft. worth

God provided a way for
me to go to the Passion Conference in Ft. Worth on Friday-Sunday.
It was really encouraging to see 10,000+ people gathered 
to worship God. I went with no idea of what God was going to teach me.
But little did I know, God wasn't going to strike me
with lightening, but He was going to show me something 
very special and very vital to my 
Christians walk.

I saw the beautiful picture of Jesus as a
servant. He gave up being served by angels in heaven to come and serve man, to
wash Peter's feet, to help the sick, so that we can have a beautiful
relationship with Him. And now I have a new desire
to serve Him, even if that means dirty work for forgotten people. Jesus did the job of a
slave (washing Peter's feet), so how could I
choose to only do "important" work for God when He
came and served us in what we would call
"unimportant ways". But, that's what drew people to Him, and
that's what will draw people today--seeing
Christians serving others.

So, I went with some young people from our church, and these are a
few of my favorite shots.

It was so cool when 10,000+ people poured in and
out of the convention center. However, it was a little difficult trying to get into
one of the ten surrounding restaurants.

The Chris Tomlin!

These went to the homeless people in around Ft. Worth.

College students lined up for hours in the Do Something Now Center to
give to Bible translation and missions in Mali, Africa.
More than 10,000 people gave
over $225,000! Only God could do that!

After the main sessions, there were breakout sessions. We were
separated into color groups. This is the awesome LIME community group!!!

And then inside the community groups, we have family groups! These
are the ones who are praying for each other, challenging
each other, and encouraging each other to keep
running the race that Paul talks about.

I love you guys!

God did a lot in the hearts of a lot of people. A lot
of people saw that they were in need of a Savior after John Piper spoke
Saturday night. God was there that night!


~Bethany Truth

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  1. Great picture recap! Yes, God was there! I'm thinking that when people ask me about Passion, I'll just say ... "Jesus is alive and well."