Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hobbs {Family Portraits}

I am really excited about these family
pictures!!! (By the way, this was my first official family shoot!) :)  I had
a lot of fun spending the afternoon, errr evening, errr whatever 
time 6 o'clock is, with the Hobbs family. :)

This is Chris and Amanda Hobbs, and their three cute little
kids: Christopher, Price-Daniel, and Mercy.

Aren't they cute!?

Christopher is in the first grade, and he can run fast!
He's a caring big brother, always watching out for little brother and sister.

Price-Daniel loves having his picture
taken! He also watches out for little Mercy.

Mercy is soon to be two, and she
is full of energy! She has such a cute smile!

Amanda and Chris are so cute together. Amanda is my cousin, who I 
grew up around. Chris is an Army veteran. He served
 in Iraq a few years ago. Thank you, Chris,
for serving the USA!

Thank you, Amanda and Chris, for giving me the opportunity
to shoot your family pictures!

~Bethany Truth