Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo Shoot {McKinney}

Today I hit the town. I went several places in McKinney with my friend Heather and my sister Grace. We went to the funnest candy store, and I had my first Izze (Heather introduced me to them). I got a blackberry flavored Izze; I was suprised that I liked it. I'm usually not very adventurous with fruit flavors, so picking one out was a little difficult. But, it was well worth it!

We also went to a park, where I couldn't resist doing some portraits of Heather. Towne Lake was really pretty, and the weather was just right. We had planned on doing this photo shoot on Saturday, but it didn't stop raining. So, clear skies were a welcome sight. : D


Thank you Grace and Heather for making this a fun shoot!


  1. i really like your pics on here =) especially the last one of that girl

  2. Awe, so much fun! I LOVE Mom and Popcorn Co. My favorite is the last one of Heather. Very cute=)