Sunday, October 17, 2010

IPS: Completed

I just got back from the most amazing photography course. IPS' Prize-Winning Photography workshop taught me a lot about photography. I learned how to better use the settings on my camera, how to shoot portraits using different kinds of lighting, how to communicate in different ways using depth-of-field, how to portray stories, etc.

I had the most awesome instructors: Peter and Mandy Pallock from Bonham, TX, and Rob Bennett from Chicago, IL. They were so much fun and made difficult concepts so much easier to grasp. There were approximately eighteen students in the group. Three out of the eighteen I knew already. That was fun!

As I looked over the schedule, I could feel the excitement building. A full week of photography = FUN. But, there were some challenges that kept me on my toes.

Our first day (Monday), we went on a photo shoot at the West End in Dallas. It was so much fun, and I got a lot of good pictures!

In this picture, I LOVE the crazy lines. They are so fun and almost confusing!

I saw this stairway, and I had to get a picture.

I saw this man from down the street and I loved the idea of getting a shot of a street musician. However, when I got down there, he had already packed up. I told him I would tip him if he would get is saxophone back out and play for me. But, when he was taking it out, he somehow lost a plastic piece inside of his instrument. So, to make a long story short, the man posed for me.

The instructors taught us that that a camera can either be a bridge of a barrier. It can be used to open doors of conversation, or it can close doors if we don't approach someone in the right way. We ended up getting to chat with this man for a while (because of the issue with the piece stuck in the saxophone). I realized this week that photography can be an awesome way to share the gospel. God could make something really frustrating happen like it did to open a door and give time with a person that we would've not had otherwise.

This was the image I submitted for my door assignment.

This was the image I submitted for the "New" photo contest. I won! I was so excited.

I saw this lady's boots and wanted to get a picture. However, I thought that I wouldn't have gotten a good angle if I'd walked up to her and asked to take a picture of her boots, so I kind of hid. I really liked the result.

Tuesday: not so laid back. That's why I needed this! Before Starbucks, we went to the Cattle Drive and an old cemetary in Dallas.

Wednesday was our Black and White Day. We went to the Farmer's Market.

Well, it was B&W for the most part. : )

And, here's another exception. : )

Thursday was portrait day. We learned more about the kinds of lighting, posing, etc. 

And, this is the fabulouso Mandy Pallock. She was one of the three awesome instructors.

This was a repetition assignment shot. I love the colors.

Friday was and another great day. However, it might have been a little sad because it was our last.

Friday night, we had a Dallas skyline shoot from the roof of the Dallas Ministry Center. It is a great look-out!

Thank you IPS for an awesome opportunity to learn more about God and photography. And, thank you DMC staff for your hospitality.



  1. Bethany, you did an awesome job. I love what you have learned and what you have done.

    You know Akyra is also into photography, please share more about IPS and the cost behind it. I can't seem to find anything on their site about the fees. Is this something only done through ATI?

    Love ya girly!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited that you got to go to IPS, Bethany! (although I'm still sad that I didn't get to go this time. :-( ;-) )
    I loved looking through all your pictures here. I especially loved theDallas Skyline one and the waterfalls picture.:-)
    Can't wait to see more of your talent!

    Smiles and Hugs,

  3. Love the pics Bethany!! Great job. You're going to be an amazing photographer that God will use to impact His Kingdom!

    Keep it up!!