Saturday, November 10, 2012

Samuel & Jarita's Wedding {Kinmen Island}

While I was still in Kinmen Island, Taiwan, I had the opportunity to shoot this fun, laid back wedding. This is Samuel and Jarita's story:

Samuel and Jarita knew each other before both of them separately decided that God was calling them to a tiny island in Asia. They both taught English as a second language in different schools for several years in Kinmen and they saw each other on a regular basis. They were just friends, at least that's what Jarita thought. She had no idea that Samuel even liked her. After Samuel contacted her father, Jarita learned about Samuel's feelings for her and realized that she liked him as well. A few months down the road and they were planning their weddings...two of them. Because their families were in the U.S., they decided to get married for real in America, but have a second wedding in Kinmen where they plan to spend their lives so that all of their Taiwanese friends and "family" could see what an American wedding was like.

This is their wedding in Kinmen~

Watching the video of them saying their 
vows at their wedding in America.

My favorite photo of the evening

~Bethany Truth

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